Monday, 30 September 2013

After Party

OK so the first gig went well. I judge this on how happy the bride and groom Paul and Becky were and that alone. They seemed pretty pleased, so there it is.

Learnt a few things preparing for this. First; I've realised that its far more nerve-racking to play to one person you know well, than a room of folks you don't. Second; practice will carry you through when you mess up. Third; don't assume anyone has told the DJ what is going on. Didn't get to play all the songs we had because he got confused. But still enjoyed it and most importantly the happy couple were happy. Did slip Lionel Richie in at the end though.  And here's the other song that didn't make it because I had had too many drinks by then to be able to play it. Thanks and respect to Tom and Jody who also played and were indeed awesome they did a brilliant cover of tainted love.

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