Thursday, 26 September 2013

Staying On A Mechanical Bull

Been waiting for this, the new Kings of Leon album. Mechanical Bull. Was it worth it?

It's a different sound to before but it's still unmistakeably Kings. Personally I think it sounds very well produced, hard in places, sunny in places, a little bit country, a lot rock, was that an eighties riff, maybe. As an album its clean and sharp and smooth at the same time.

I think the songs are catchy and I think people will say its too mainstream because of this. Like they did before. But catchy doesn't equate to mainstream (with all its manufactured pop connotations). What "catchy" really means is that it's a good song. Mainstream is all about clichés. Caleb Followill doesn't shy away from clichés, he takes them, breaks them, plays with them, and teaches you a lesson for thinking you heard one.

If you doubt the Followills integrity go see them live. If you think they put sales before turning a crowd on, go see them live. It's worth it. Because they entertain. They want to entertain. And when I saw them at Birmingham NEC some dude got naked during the last song... er... if you like that sort of thing... ahem.

I like this album a lot. I've not been thrown yet.

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