Thursday, 31 October 2013

Track to the Future

Well after listening to that little snippet of a video on Tuesday I went back and bought Ben Ottewell's last album - Shapes and Shadows. Really loving it, his voice has a great sound to it. The lyrics are unusual in places but not quite odd there's something about an osprey's breast in there I find myself reminiscing on Vic & Bob's Mulligan and O Hare haha, I will avoid to my death the use of the word juxtaposition but if you wanted to compare the images some of the lines evoke you might be tempted to use it. But ignore me in my foibles, seriously, its a fine piece of music, loving some of the instruments and samples in there some great arrangements. Favourite song is probably Lightbulbs.

Its a bit short though.

Just as an aside. I had to download Afternoon Delight today. Not because of Anchorman, (its an OK film but people get over excited by it) but because of the episode in series 2 of Arrested Development. One of the finest comedy series you'll see and really, everyone should have that song stored somewhere for playing on rainy days.

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