Thursday, 21 November 2013

...And then two come along at once

In the space of an evening I've written a song called Don't Get Cold it's about my Mum and Dad. That sentence will give you totally the wrong idea so wait to hear it. I say an evening but its really just the coalescing of all the little ideas I've had over time. Here's what I want to get across to you: Make Notes. When you have an idea put it down somewhere and go back to your thoughts when you need them. When I came up with the chords I turned to the notebook and the song just about wrote itself. It's gutting when you remember having a great idea and can't remember what the idea was. WRITE STUFF DOWN. Roald Dahl once had an idea for a story while driving and for lack of pen and paper he got out and wrote the idea in the dirt on the boot of his car. It became one of his major novels I think it was James and the Giant Peach but I could be wrong. Don't learn the hard way as I did.

So that's two new songs not one. I feel an EP coming on haha.

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