Tuesday, 19 November 2013

The Final Score

Did the charity busk for Children in Need. Messed up but also nailed it. Overall good and earned £103.29. Not bad for a couple hours work. The songs I didn't practice were the ones I messed up but I added some at the last minute to bulk out my set. This was a mistake I should have just repeated my best ones. Having said that half the problem was getting distracted by stuff going on around me. It was a busy town centre on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn't so much nervous as just not used to the environment I was playing in. But I hope this will be something that I get used to as I do more gigs, I think it will be.

Now I had to be told this as I sing with my eyes closed but the diversity of people donating money was great, those you would think would have the least: Pensioners, Teenagers, Kids, Young lads and lasses were putting in as much as anyone if not more. It was really touching and made me proud to live in a town full of such kind and gracious people. I've always said Scunthorpe people were fine lot.
From reading up on busking I was expecting people would come and speak to me and ask about the music but no-one did. This had made me resolve to be better next time... or it could have been because I had my eyes closed hah.
The best thing for me personally besides the fact that we earned so much for charity in such a short time is that when I started to sing some songs there was a palpable hushing of the general hubbub as people started to listen.
A big thanks goes out to everyone who came down. To Paul and Becky and my Dad for their logistical assistance. For my niece and nephew for their artistic contribution
The last song I played was this... From the Film Inside Llewyn Davis that I've mentioned in the Music Film post and this weeks Wednesday pick.

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