Saturday, 2 November 2013

Reach (Rough Version)

(Well that's a bit of a gimpy thumbnail.)

OK this is a "Rough Version" I do this so I can see how a song sounds from the outside. Its an essential thing to do as part of the creation process. It doesn't have to be amazing its just to get an idea. You could of course lay it down as an mp3 track but I find the camera is the quickest and its enough to show me what I'm looking, or should I say listening for. I also knowe that a few folks like to help out by watching these and giving me their own feedback.

(Warning: I swear at the end after the songs finish because I knock my stand over if you're of a gentle disposition)

I think this is probably the weakest of the songs I've got in the pipeline, mainly cos I feel its a little cheesy, but I aim to make it sound and sing it a bit more plaintively. Its also a case of getting it out of the way mentally so I can move onto something else. Any constructive comments on it would be welcome. Reach out.

copyright Nick Akester ©2013

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