Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Rita Payne & Lizzie Goddard

I saw two acts on Saturday Courtesy of ScunnyMusic. Another wonderfully ambient, intimate, little gig and this time there was food put on as well, chilli and nibbles (doubly good because it didn't run up against my stupid dairy allergy like buffets usually do, major kudos, at least from me.) I should have given them the credit for the Brooks Williams gig but I didn't understand the set up then.

Lizzie Goddard

The first act was Lizzie Goddard a young lass from Gainsborough. Pretty face, big hair, but I noticed none of this because of her amazing guitar - A Black Yamaha APX 500. Yeah I know, I know! What do you mean you don't know. (#whisper#  its the same as my guitar except mines a sunburst) Yeah. So obviously a young lady of taste and distinction.

She had a great voice, it was massive, and the songs she put out were of a level worthy of consideration Considering she's only 17 this was an accomplished set. The songs I remember most were "Eyes Like Those" really beautiful, as well as the song about "Home" but that's not its right name sorry (I should really start taking a pen to gigs and writing stuff down). "Skint" a song about the eponymous TV series properly struck a chord with me. I hated that programme, it totally misrepresented Scunny folk. I couldn't watch it, I got too wound up. I should have written a song about it instead of getting angry. Lizzie got it spot on. She finished with a great cover that showed you only need the bare minimum if what you have is quality. Here it is Lorde - Royals

What I thought and I don't think I am alone in this, is that Lizzie was very good with a few rough edges. What I am looking forward to is what she will be putting out in a years time or two years time, with a tiny bit more polish to her songs and a bit more life under her belt. She came across as smart enough to know all this and have a plan, so I don't feel like I'm being critical, what I'm really saying is watch this space. Take nothing away from her Saturday night she was very entertaining but she has the potential to be very good indeed, its quite exciting really. And I hope she does it because she has a very fine guitar. What! I'm not being biased.

Here's The Lizzie Goddard Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lizzie-Goddard

Rita Payne

The Head-liners were Rita Payne. No that's not a grammatical error. Rita Payne are a duo; Pete Sowerby Vocals and Rhiannon Scutt playing Guitar and Suitcase. No that's not an auto-correct. They had a (very nice) battered little suitcase that doubled up as a drum.

Now these two were very good. Great voice from the fellah and some good tales especially the impression of the artsy american; scintillating guitar from the lady. (At one point she did this move, I don't even know what you call it. It was like a super fast four-step hammer-on pull-off riffle. Well it impressed me anyway)   By turns Country, Folk, and Blues. Easy to listen to but not "Easy-Listening". I bought a copy of the album, Stories From A Suitcase, at half time as they had already convinced me. The best bit being that after the interval they stepped up another level and went from solidly entertaining to stirring, emotive and plain foot-stomping hand-clapping rocking. They got the audience to sing back some lyrics that were more complicated than the usual "Hey Ho" "La-la-la's" you get in audience participation. Rather than finding this a little daunting, I appreciated the trust and respect they put in the audience. And I like singing anyway even if it is la-la-la but it wasn't, and it worked. I would go see these again. And in fact I might at either Kirton Lindsey Town Hall on 8th February 2014, or I'll head over to Sheffield and see them at the Greystones on either the 21st Feb or 1st March. Now that seems like a really heavy-handed plug for their gigs but its actually what I hope to do. And to prove it they're playing Swindon in between, I'm not off there I saw the roundabout once, I've done Swindon. 

Here is the Rita Payne facebook page btw. https://www.facebook.com/TheRitaPayne and of course their website - http://ritapaynemusic.com/

This is my favourite off the album so far. But they're all good and I'm still listening really.

I would highly recommend Rita Payne, they were so genuine when I spoke to them as well, sometimes you get that road weary "I've heard this all every night up to now" from touring artists, but these two were just happy to say hello like folks in a pub (which strangely enough we were hah) And I would recommend Lizzie Goddard as well if you get the chance to see either. I promise I will at some point give someone a bad review. I am trying.

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