I realised the other day when I listened back to my first improvised solo laid over a recording of my own rhythm guitar, that I might, might just be a musician, because it sounded good for a first attempt. Its possible I just got lucky but I hope not because you see I can't leave music alone I love it.

I've been playing a year and a half now, on acoustic guitar, but I've been writing poetry and stories all my life. When I finally combined those elements something totally unexpected happened. I bought my guitar, my baby because "guitars are cool" because it was "something to do". The week after I purchased it my niece Laila was born, fate had marked this one down. A few months then passed and my sister asked me to do a poem for Laila's naming do. And jokingly I said "Well I got the guitar the same week she was born why don't I sing her a song."

Never, not in all my years have I regretted words more than those, hah. So I wrote a song about Laila. It was about the first time I held her as a three week old baby. When I picked her up it was the first time we had properly met and she spontaneously smiled at me (seriously, three weeks old!), and a song was written right there in her smile and a soul, mine, was ensnared perhaps for ever. So I sung it. It was hard. My brother kept saying it was going to be like that bit in "About A Boy" where he sings Killing Me Softly to the school. It wasn't far off. But I did it and people seemed pleased and said I sang a good song, they said I had a style. The song was A Smile Unexpected, and they said that I should do more. If they lied well then everything since then is their fault.

So I wrote another song for my nephew Kaleb who was born the week before Laila. (They are cousins if you were wondering how). It was to prove to myself that the first song hadn't been a fluke. I put a video of it on YouTube, Kalebs mum and dad loved it. Not only this but I would catch people, friends, colleagues singing it to themselves when they didn't know I was listening. I was blown away by this because we all know when you sing a song to yourself its stuck with you because its a good song (Or so I tell myself. I used to sing the Bodyform advert song to myself as "Whoa forty-four, fourty-four for you" without any comprehension of what Bodyform was or what the relevance of 44 could be. I also didn't know at the time what the strange looks were for.)

So that was it I set out to write some proper songs. I set out to become a musician. And this is what this Blog (and my YouTube channel) is about really; its the Evolution of a Musician. I don't want to go on TV talent shows, I don't want instant fame, I just want to learn a skill and more than anything I want to entertain you... I want to stir you, I want to make you dance, clap, sing along. I want you to make you happy and hopeful in the graces of love. I want to make you breathless on the edge of cliff, speechless in the face of beauty, sad like a broken string plucked beyond its limit. I want to break you to pieces and put you back together again between the first note and the last. I want to...

Sorry went off on one there.

I'm going to keep playing, learning, practising, listening, singing, producing, recording and writing. and hopefully get better and better. And I'm going to entertain you good good people along the way. That's the plan lets see where it ends up. It'll all be on here.

Nick Akester - 10/10/2013

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